Ernesto Martinez on the Colorful Costumes of ‘Physical’ Season 3 [Exclusive Interview]

Costume designer Ernesto Martinez talks creating the diverse range of outfits of ‘Physical’, working on ‘Veep’ and ‘Dollface’, and more.

‘Tetris’ Review: Interesting Concept In A Forgettable Movie

Im a huge fan of Tetris, I still play the game, it’s such a simple game but also a vicious one that we just can’t control nor understand. But doing a movie about this game would work? I mean, we probably think that it won’t, but honestly, this movie has an interesting story, but it’s … Read more

How Major Streaming Services And Shows Have Performed This Year Until Now

2022 has been a packed year so far, and we have not even reached the mid-point of the year. Streaming services have attracted audiences with a variety of content coming out regularly right from the start of the year. Some streaming services have been doing extremely well by growing such as Disney+, while some are … Read more