House Of The Dragon Ep 1 Review

After a few years of not having content of our favorite fantasy world on sundays at HBO, we are back with a perfect first episode (even better than the GoT pilot) We are 200 (aprox) years before Daenerys Targaryen story. But we follow the house’s story and how everything is going to turn into madness … Read more

Attack On Titan anime has the chance to make the Ending better than the Manga

The iconic and decade long journey of Attack On Titan will come to an end next year with final season part 3. It’s pretty much known that the anime and the story in manga is legendary at this point and it deserves to be. But the ending of Manga is still very controversial unlike the … Read more

Disney+ Coming Soon: 10 Upcoming Movies and Shows to Watch this week

With summer now in full swing, streaming services are moving to release new shows and adding movies to their large collection of media to entertain viewers of all ages as the hot vacation vibes are coming back this season. If you’re planning to watch Disney+, here are some interesting movies and shows to look out … Read more

When Does ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ hits Disney+?

We’re getting closer and closer to the newest Thor movie, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ will hit theaters in a little over 10 days but not all of us will be able to go to the cinema to see the movie and a lot of us want to wait and watch movie on Disney+, we will … Read more

AMC wants another Breaking Bad spinoff after Better Call Saul

“The door is always open.” Better Call Saul may be coming to an end , but the Breaking Bad universe will continue to expand according to the president of entertainment and AMC Studios. Dan McDermott, president of entertainment and AMC Studios at AMC Networks, has confirmed that the network’s door “is always open” for another … Read more

How Major Streaming Services And Shows Have Performed This Year Until Now

2022 has been a packed year so far, and we have not even reached the mid-point of the year. Streaming services have attracted audiences with a variety of content coming out regularly right from the start of the year. Some streaming services have been doing extremely well by growing such as Disney+, while some are … Read more