TV Series Review

‘Agent Elvis’ Review: Archer Meets the King Of Rock ‘n’ Roll

A drug-fueled, rock ‘n’ roll concert meets the reality of an international spy and makes the most of its elements.

‘Swarm’ Review: A Compelling Psychological Look On Stan-Culture

‘Swarm’, co-created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers, provides an insightful psychological look into the detriments of unhealthy obsession and stubbornness.

‘Lucky Hank’ Review: An Adequate Intro To Pessimistic Pragmatism

Life can hit you hard at any time. Whether it be one bad work day or something drastic that lasts a long time, the unpredictability of life, combined with the residues of the past, can build up to a culmination…

Outer Banks Season 3 Review: An Epic Pogue Comeback

I’m completely speechless. I was always a huge fan of Outer Banks and it’s definitely one of my favorite series Netflix ever made. With this new season, I’m even more sure about my statement. I’ll talk about each character of…

Shrinking Review: This charming show will leave you in an uplifted mood

Jason Segel and Harrison Ford starring together in a comedy series is not exactly a pairing that people dream of. Jason Segel is known for being a fantastic comedy actor, whereas Harrison Ford hasn’t been seen in much light-hearted content….

‘The Legend of Vox Machina’ Season Two Review: The High Stakes Fantasy Adventure Revels In Character Development

Champions, dragons, and drinks galore, The Legend of Vox Machina is returning with another tale of dramatic events, wittingly comedic humor, and deep character arcs that mesh together in this climactic and awesome second season. Through thick and thin, Critical…

Hunters S2 Review: A Middling Finale 

The entire season is streaming on Prime Video on January 13.