The Hollywood Handle Awards’ 23 Nominees

The Hollywood Handle Awards is an annual celebration of the best and brightest in the entertainment industry. The awards honor the achievements of actors, directors, and more in various categories across film culture. The nominees for the 2023 The Hollywood Handle Awards have been announced, and they include some of the most popular and critically … Read more

‘Napoleon’ Review: Joaquin Phoenix & Ridley Scott Shine In Historical Triumph

This year has been a win for world-renowned directors & historical movies. There’s Christopher Nolan with Oppenheimer, Martin Scorsese with Killers of the Flower Moon, and even Ridley Scott with Napoleon. Scott’s latest entries have been hit or miss but Napoleon may change your mind. Joaquin Phoenix, who’s been on a roll recently, stars as … Read more

‘The Hunger Games: The Ballad Of Songbirds & Snakes’ Review: A Gripping Tale of Love, War, And Betrayal

Everyone remembers the Iconic Mockingjay whistle. The Hunger Games jumpstarted as a new franchise in the early-mid 2010s that was part of the YA genre. During the midst of Superhero Movies, Twilight, and Harry Potter, the name Katniss Everdeen and the Hunger Games made it’s mark on the world. Based on the 4 books by … Read more

Movie Digital Release Dates (November 2023)

With some movies having a short theatrical window, we never know which ones are coming to digital earlier than others. We decided to bring you the list of dates of each movie releasing on digital platforms on November 2023. {DATES ARE SUBJECTED TO CHANGE} Dumb Money Based on the insane true story of everyday people … Read more

‘Old Dads’ Review: Yet Another Generic Unfunny Comedy

You probably never heard of this movie, if you did, it was probably because you really check Netflix’s social media but they barely posted about it or marketed it. Comedy movies doesn’t get that promotion that it used to, I love comedy but I’ve feel like the genre been getting weaker through time, a big … Read more

What To Watch During This Halloween Season

It’s October! We’re finally in the spooky month and, with that, The Hollywood Handle decided to make a list of the major releases in theaters and streaming so you can find out what’s worth watching and what’s not during this Halloween season! For which title are you more excited to watch? Starting the Halloween season … Read more

‘The Creator’ Review: Groundbreaking Sci-Fi For The 21st Century

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is a contentious topic in our current era. It’s an issue that seeps its way into every corner of our lives. Somewhat poignantly, the actors’ strike that prevented the stars of ‘The Creator’ from being present at its premiere is lead by a concern of AI voicework and digital actor replacement in … Read more

The Holdovers Review: Paul Giamatti Sparkles in This Hilarious Gem.

The last time Alexander Payne and Paul Giamatti came together was for Sideways (2004), which ended up being widely known as one of the best movies of that decade. Almost 20 years later, They reunite again for The Holdovers, which also stars Da’Vine Joy Randolph and newcomer Dominic Sessa apart from Paul Giamatti. It follows … Read more