‘The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar’ Review: A Magnificent And Peculiar Tale

As we all know, Wes Anderson is a very talented and versatile director that has such a peculiar and unique filmmaking that is a big success around the world. I’m glad to say that Wes Anderson and Roald Dahl delivered a perfect devolved short and I cannot wait to check out the 4 upcoming shorts … Read more

The Holdovers Review: Paul Giamatti Sparkles in This Hilarious Gem.

The last time Alexander Payne and Paul Giamatti came together was for Sideways (2004), which ended up being widely known as one of the best movies of that decade. Almost 20 years later, They reunite again for The Holdovers, which also stars Da’Vine Joy Randolph and newcomer Dominic Sessa apart from Paul Giamatti. It follows … Read more

‘Spy Kids: Armageddon’ Review: A Total Tragedy From Start To Finish

The film Spy Kids: Armageddon has been met with disappointing reviews and has raised concerns among fans of the franchise. Despite being aimed primarily at a young audience, the movie fails to deliver an engaging and enjoyable experience. Regrettably, it is not only considered the weakest installment in the acclaimed series but also one of … Read more

‘No One Will Save You’ Review: Kaitlyn Dever Shines In This Epic Thriller

It is no secret that Kaitlyn Dever is a queen and she shines in every movie she’s in, last year she led the movie Rosaline for Hulu and her performance was one of the most acclaimed parts of that movie. And now she’s back, No One Will Save You is a big surprise and one … Read more

Sex Education Season 4 Review: This Hilariously Raunchy Series Delivers a Rewarding Climax.

Ever since Sex Education debuted on Netflix in January 2019, it has been an addictive source of entertainment for its viewers. It started out as a small-scale raunchy teen comedy, but then quickly became and sensation, and it ended up becoming one of the biggest Netflix original series of all time. It is incredibly popular … Read more

Flora and Son Review: This Mother-Son Love Story Hits the Right Notes.

There were hardly any musicals that premiered at TIFF this year, one of them was John Carney’s latest feature from Apple films Flora And Son. John Carney has had an exceptional record delivering classic musicals throughout his filmography. He is considered to be a specialist in this particular genre. Flora and Son stars Eve Hewson, … Read more

‘Kill’ Review: This Express Ride Delivers A Relentless Slaughterfest

Bollywood has historically been known to shy away from blood and gore when making out-and-out action movies, but the modern Indian audience has been demanding filmmakers raise the standards of action in Indian Cinema to try to make it competitive against international action movies that are way ahead in creating brutal action flicks. Dharma Production … Read more

‘One Life’ Review: Anthony Hopkins Stars in an Undeniably Moving Drama

There have been a lot of movies based on the world war this year at TIFF. James Hawes’ latest feature follows the same trend. One Life is based on the true story of Nicholas Winton, an idealistic 20-something man of Jewish heritage who ends up rescuing 669 children from Czechoslovakia in 1938. It is based … Read more