Meet The Team

The Handlers

Richard Neto Avatar

Richard Neto, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder

Richard Neto is the co-founder and current editor-in-chief of The Hollywood Handle. A Mia Goth and pop culture lover all the way.

Leo Viscomi, Managing Editor

Leo Viscomi is an editor, film critic, and reporter for The Hollywood Handle. A dual citizen with residences in Los Angeles and Toronto, he is a student at the University of Toronto. Knows every line from Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

The Writing Team

Alex Duthie Avatar

Alex Duthie, Staff Writer/Back-End Assistant

Alex Duthie is a staff writer and back-end assistant for The Hollywood Handle.

Ayana Hamilton Avatar

Ayana Hamilton, Staff Writer

Ayana Hamilton is an entertainment journalist who is passionate about writing honest reviews and features for readers. She loves talking about trends and pop culture in her podcast ‘Dog Happy Hour with Ayana’!

Alexis Miguel, Graphic Designer/Social Media Assistant

Alexis Miguel is the Instagram social media assistant for The Hollywood Handle. He also works for other outlets like The DisInsider.

tommcjl Avatar

Tom Conroy, Staff Writer/Social Media Assistant

Thomas is a staff writer and social media assistant for The Hollywood Handle, running the outlet’s Instagram page. The biggest Transformers fan and DCEU enthusiast you’ll find on the site.

Joao Rafael Avatar

Joao Rafael Santana, Staff Writer

Joao Rafael Santana is a staff writer for The Hollywood Handle. You’ll usually find him travelling the world to cover the website’s next big thing.

Prabhjot Bains Avatar

Prabhjot Bains, Staff Writer

Prabhjot Bains is a staff writer for The Hollywood Handle who is also featured on Tilt Magazine and Exclaim!

Shashwat Avatar

Shashwat Tiwary, Graphic Designer

Shashwat is a film enthusiast, and writes for outlets such as CoveredGeekly and Murphy’s Multiverse.

Christopher Mills Avatar

Christopher Mills, Staff Writer

Christopher Mills is a staff writer for The Hollywood Handle.


Ali El-Sadany Avatar

Ali El-Sadany, Contributor

Ali El-Sadany is a contributor for The Hollywood Handle, previously featured in FilmCred.

Andrew Korpan Avatar

Andrew Korpman, Writer-at-Large

Andrew Korpan is an entertainment journalist, film critic and award-winning writer that has been featured in the likes of Above the Line, Below the Line, Collider and more. Avid ‘Booksmart’ rewatcher.

Kevin Verma Avatar

Kevin Verma, Contributor

Kevin is an entertainment journalist and a passionate cinephile who reviews movies and TV shows for The Hollywood Handle. He’s addicted to crime-dramas and mysteries, but is also a sports fanatic and travel lover.