Theatrical Movie Round-Up: August-September 2023

The summer heat isn’t over yet: with movies like ‘Blue Beetle’, ‘Gran Turismo’, ‘Strays’ and more, here’s what’s releasing this August.

Movie Digital Release Dates (August 2023)

With some movies having a short theatrical window, we never know which ones are coming to digital earlier than others. We decided to bring you the list of dates of each movie releasing on digital platforms in August 2023. Editor’s Note: THIS LIST IS NOT FULLY FINISHED. WE WILL KEEP UPDATING THIS LIST ONCE MORE DATES ARE ANNOUNCED IN THE

All Mission Impossible Films, Ranked

Tom Cruise and company continue to outdo themselves and what they can pull off in the ‘Mission Impossible’ franchise. Here’s our ranking of all seven films.

Theatrical Movie Round-Up: July 2023

June was a very packed month, a lot of big titles but surprisingly no box office hits besides Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, the really only great and successful blockbuster of the month. Elemental brought the worst opening EVER for a Pixar movie, Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts has one of the lowest box offices of the whole franchise, The Flash

Top 10 Best Animated Movies Of The Decade So Far

The 2020s started not a very long time ago but since then we had some animated masterpieces, but also some very terrible ones and that’s part of it… We decided to bring you our Top 10 Best Animated Movies Of The Decade So Far. Reminding you that this list does not include movies that released after June 8, 2023. 10.

Theatrical Movie Round-Up: June 2023

June 2023 is filled with summer blockbusters, ranging from ‘The Flash’ and ‘Across the Spider-Verse’ to ‘Rise of the Beasts’ and ‘Indiana Jones’.

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