The Creative Plateau: Why The Streamer Dilemma Broke The Entertainment Complex

In a time where writers and actors strike and executives enact cost-cutting plans, the world of Hollywood has never been more divided.

Is The Murder Mystery Genre Dying?

Murder Mystery films and television shows may be some of the best storytelling we have ever seen, but will too many destroy the genre?

How DC could have made ‘Black Adam’ great

To be clear, I have never read the DC Comics and I didn’t hear about the character until a few years ago. Basically, I knew about Black Adam a little before the release of Shazam in 2019. I had no idea who the character was, but now that I have seen the movie on HBOMax, I still don’t care enough

The Creative Plateau: Why The Corporate Breakdown of Animation Is Harming The Industry

It was only a few years ago when I got into animation. At the time, I watched Cartoon Network shows like The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time and Regular Show. As I got older, I began diversifying into other channels like Disney XD and the once-known Hub Network (Transformers: Prime and Gravity Falls were big ones for me!) However,

Cyberpunk Edgerunners | The Witcher

Netflix and The Goldmine to Video Game Adaptations

Let’s be honest: video game-to-film adaptations were a new low point for entertainment industry. While anime series set within universes like Persona, Ace Attorney, and Final Fantasy were thriving, live-action videogame movies like the critically-criticized Resident Evil and Hitman series left this part of the industry in shambles. However, after Detective Pikachu‘s release in 2016, it looked like these adaptations were

Dan Lin, David Zaslav, and the DCEU: Can Warner Bros. Discovery Salvage the DCEU?

With a lot happening in Warner Bros. Discovery, from its planned HBO Max-Discovery+ merger to multiple projects including Batman: Caped Crusader being sold, the company has never been in such a more precarious time than now. In recent months, old company heads including Toby Emmerich, former chairman, and Jason Kilar, former WarnerMedia CEO, stepped down to make way for David Zaslav,

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