Why ‘The Little Mermaid’ Remake is The Remake We Need

So, not too long ago, Disney just dropped their latest trailer for what will soon be their latest remake: The Little Mermaid. Most people know the 1989 film inside out by now, but many seem hesitant to take a look…

Ranking the First Four ‘Rocky’ Films

Rocky: The Knockout Collection is available on 4K Blu-ray now.

All 6 Scream Movies Ranked

The Scream franchise is one of Hollywood’s most iconic franchises, remembered for its distinctive style, violence, meta-commentary on films, and of course the terrifying Ghostface. The franchise also openly satirizes the trend of legacy sequels and addresses classic slasher films….

Top 10 Antagonists For a Super Mario Bros. Movie Sequel

Since 1981, the Mario franchise continues to take the world by storm with visually pleasing and exciting new games in many genres, including the iconic platformer with the classic Donkey Kong arcade game. Though some of the most easily nameable…

10 unique non-english horror movies that you should watch

Horror movies have always been popular among cinema-goers, and non-English horror movies are no exception. With a diverse range of cultures and folklore, there are many non-English horror movies that offer unique perspectives and terrifying stories. Here, we present the…

Is The Murder Mystery Genre Dying?

Murder Mystery films and television shows may be some of the best storytelling we have ever seen, but will too many destroy the genre?

How DC could have made ‘Black Adam’ great

To be clear, I have never read the DC Comics and I didn’t hear about the character until a few years ago. Basically, I knew about Black Adam a little before the release of Shazam in 2019. I had no…

5 Most Anticipated Animated Movies Of 2023

2022 is almost over, so we decided to make a list of our most anticipated animated movies of 2023… and I really hope we all agree with the 1st place: 1. Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse This is, without a doubt,…