‘Agent Elvis’ Review: Archer Meets the King Of Rock ‘n’ Roll

A drug-fueled, rock ‘n’ roll concert meets the reality of an international spy and makes the most of its elements.

‘Tetris’ Review: Interesting Concept In A Forgettable Movie

Im a huge fan of Tetris, I still play the game, it’s such a simple game but also a vicious one that we just can’t control nor understand. But doing a movie about this game would work? I mean, we…

‘Rugrats’ Season 2 Returns With Tara Strong On Paramount+

Paramount+ reveals new details for the second season ‘Rugrats’ with announcements of returning stars and its guest cast.

‘Swarm’ Review: A Compelling Psychological Look On Stan-Culture

‘Swarm’, co-created by Donald Glover and Janine Nabers, provides an insightful psychological look into the detriments of unhealthy obsession and stubbornness.

Why ‘The Little Mermaid’ Remake is The Remake We Need

So, not too long ago, Disney just dropped their latest trailer for what will soon be their latest remake: The Little Mermaid. Most people know the 1989 film inside out by now, but many seem hesitant to take a look…

‘Schmigadoon!’ Returns With A Second Season Special Look

Apple TV+ released the trailer for the second season of Schmigadoon!, the Emmy and AFI Award winning, hit musical comedy series from co-creator Cinco Paul. Schmigadoon! will return for season two globally on Apple TV+ with all new original songs and…

‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ Review: Thrilling But Uninspired

I must start by admitting that I never watched the Luther series. Although I’m very new to this universe, I don’t think this really made me get confused at any moment of the movie. I could clearly understand everything from…

‘The Magician’s Elephant’ Review: A Magical Re-Imagining Of A Classic

Ever had the feeling that you could do what you thought you couldn’t do? Ever had the feeling that you wanted to become something the world didn’t want you to? Sometimes, we don’t even think about these questions, but the…