House Of The Dragon Ep 1 Review

After a few years of not having content of our favorite fantasy world on sundays at HBO, we are back with a perfect first episode (even better than the GoT pilot) We are 200 (aprox) years before Daenerys Targaryen story….

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New Untitled Terminator Open World Video game announcement revealed with a teaser. Check here

During Nacon’s game event today, the developer revealed the first teaser for an as-yet untilted Terminator survival game. Nacom released the trailer on YouTube, depicting a short but chilling sequence. The 25-second long trailer shows some sort of darkened storage room with a…

6 Must Watch Movies And Shows That Involve Multiverse Storylines

In last year or two we got multiple movies with plots related to “multiverse”. MCU recently released two big blockbusters that use ” Multiverse ” In their plot, Doctor Strange : Into the madness of multiverse and Spider-man : No…