‘Rick & Morty’ Season 7 Episode 6 Review: Back On Track

Last week’s episode was big, it featured a showdown with Rick and Rick Prime and also featured the return of the Evil Morty, so this week’s episode “Rickfending Your Mort” has big shoes to fill.

And I’m happy to tell you that it does.

The episode is pretty much Morty’s Mind Blowers 2, if you don’t remember the episode “Morty’s Mind Blowers” from season 3, it was like a clip show but in the form of Morty’s memories.

This episode will be a great time for everyone, fun jokes, references, and great side characters, they also call themselves out for the Rick and Morty cameo in Space Jam: A New Legacy.

So after a rough start to the season, I think the show is starting to find its feet again and I hope this continues for the rest of the season, so on Sunday just sit back, Relax and enjoy what I think is a great episode.


Rick & Morty Season 7 Episode 6 releases on November 19

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