New Untitled Terminator Open World Video game announcement revealed with a teaser. Check here

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During Nacon’s game event today, the developer revealed the first teaser for an as-yet untilted Terminator survival game.

Nacom released the trailer on YouTube, depicting a short but chilling sequence. The 25-second long trailer shows some sort of darkened storage room with a pair of abandoned goggles on the ground, along with what might be used bullets. A woman appears to be panting in fear, and the camera angle suggests this as a first-person view as the player looks out over the room and a broken window. Then something pushes open the large doors, and a T-800 model Terminator endoskeleton stands in the open doorway, fire and ash blazing in the background.

Nacon’s survival-based sci-fi game will apparently take place after Judgement Day, when Skynet instigated a nuclear holocaust that devastated the planet and killed off most of humanity. It also occurs before John Connor has created his Resistance against the machines. This places the newest title just before the events of another Terminator title from Nacon — 2019’s Terminator: Resistance, which saw players jumping into the War Against the Machines. Apart from an open-world survival concept, Nacon only confirmed that the game would come to PC and as-yet-to-be-determined consoles sometime in the future.

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Anmol Pandhi

Anmol Pandhi

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