‘Elemental’ Review: A Fresh Take on a Familiar Story

Pixar is renowned for crafting heartwarming stories with top-notch animation and storytelling. Their stories teach morals, depict real emotions, and their formula has created incredible films. Even when their movies have had relatively straightforward or generic storylines, they’ve managed to make them emotionally compelling and entertaining. This year, Pixar brings us their 27th film Elemental, … Read more

Top 10 Best Animated Movies Of The Decade So Far

The 2020s started not a very long time ago but since then we had some animated masterpieces, but also some very terrible ones and that’s part of it… We decided to bring you our Top 10 Best Animated Movies Of The Decade So Far. Reminding you that this list does not include movies that released … Read more

‘Cars on the Road’ Review: A Disconnected, Adventurous, Experimental Road Trip

SPOILERS FOR CARS ON THE ROAD. READ AT YOUR OWN WILL! Over the past few years, the Cars franchise has left a mixed bag as its contents from the humble racer story of the first film to the spy thriller international tour in Cars 2 to even a spin-off set in the skies, Planes. However, there’s one … Read more

Pixar’s Carefully Crafted Movies: Top 10 Most Emotional Scenes

Pixar Logo

Throughout the years, Pixar Animation Studios has made some of the most iconic works ranging from the heroic world of The Incredibles to the imaginative toy land of Toy Story to the more abstract, conceptualized realities of Soul and Inside Out. Beginning as a part of Lucasfilm in the 1980s before their big breaks in 1984 and into 1986, … Read more

What To Expect From Disney+ Day Announcements

DISNEY+ DAY ANNOUNCEMENTS AND REVEALS   September 8th is Disney Plus Day, where we will see all the announcements, updates, first looks and trailers of our future Disney+ content. With just under a month until the big day, we compiled a list of the things that you should expect to appear! With a lot of … Read more

Why Baymax! Perfectly Handles Serious Topics

Making its premiere on June 29, fans received a chance to return to the heroic world of San Fransokyo through Baymax!, a series of shorts based around characters from Big Hero 6 with the series’ titular character, Baymax, helping out wherever he can in the big city. Each short focuses on its own problems, but … Read more

All Pixar Movies, Ranked

With the release of Pixar’s new movie, ‘Lightyear’, we decided to bring you all the Pixar movies Ranked! This is not based in facts, is based in opinion so if you disagree is completely normal. 26. Turning Red Some people will likely disagree, but ‘Turning Red’ is the worst Pixar movie to date, this doesn’t … Read more