Sharper Review: A Tense and Taut Thriller.

Stories, where you don’t know who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy till the end, are some of the most interesting stories, which I enjoy a lot. If the screenplay can keep you guessing till the end, then it has done a good job. Sharper is one such character-focused con thriller. AppleTV+ brings … Read more

Resurrection Review: Rebecca Hall is Bringing Out the Dead in an Excellent Thriller

What happens when you put two of the world’s best working actors in Tim Roth and Rebecca Hall in a thriller opposite each other? You get a killer film. Resurrection is a fantastic, character-driven horror-thriller that puts its two leads, mainly Hall, in the forefront. Hall had a magnificent 2021 from her Oscar-snubbed directorial debut, … Read more

The Gray Man Review: The Russo Bros.’ Follow-Up to Cherry is Pitiful

Even if the Russo brothers are the second highest-grossing directors of all time (with an all-time gross of $6,842,882,738), they have struggled mightily to do anything noteworthy outside of the MCU. At this point, picking on Cherry is literal low-bearing fruit, but it’s also not as if the Russo’s MCU entries were very inspiring, either. … Read more