She-Hulk Ep. 1-4 Review: Turning Green

For my money, all of the MCU Disney+ series have had a nasty habit of starting off well and teetering off by the end. She-Hulk continues the trend of starting something new and exciting for the MCU, even if the stakes are pint-sized compared to the Hulk’s biceps (granted, what isn’t?). And while I have … Read more

Resurrection Review: Rebecca Hall is Bringing Out the Dead in an Excellent Thriller

What happens when you put two of the world’s best working actors in Tim Roth and Rebecca Hall in a thriller opposite each other? You get a killer film. Resurrection is a fantastic, character-driven horror-thriller that puts its two leads, mainly Hall, in the forefront. Hall had a magnificent 2021 from her Oscar-snubbed directorial debut, … Read more