‘Talk to Me’ Review: A Terrifying Showcase

YouTube horror legends Danny and Michael Philippou come to the big screen with their directorial debut in A24’s ‘Talk to Me’.

‘Past Lives’ Review: An Unforgettable Existential Romance

Past Lives review

Celine Song’s cinematic debut, the miraculously bittersweet Past Lives, opens with a painful exterior perspective in a New York bar. An outward set of eyes attempts to discern the relationship between two Koreans of the opposite sex and an American man, rotating through an assortment of possibilities, wherein a frayed interracial relationship exists, or if … Read more

Julio Torres & Tilda Swinton Face Artistic Odds In A24’s ‘Problemista’

Today, A24 released a new trailer for their next film, Problemista, starring Julio Torres, Tilda Swinton, Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, Isabella Rossellini. So far, A24 has been on quite a roll with audiences everywhere with titles like Beau is Afraid and The Whale gaining critical acclaim. With a clear focus on artistic expression through whatever the … Read more

Our 2023 Oscars Predictions

2022 was an incredible year for the film industry. Blockbusters and independent stories alike wowed, and frankly, many year end lists for critics and audiences varied significantly, setting up one of the most unpredictable Oscars seasons in recent years. With the ceremony a couple of weeks away, I thought it would be fun to explore … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Plot Details on A24 Film ‘Dream Scenario’ Starring Nicolas Cage

EXCLUSIVE: Plot details for A24’s new film ‘Dream Scenario’ have surfaced as the film continues production in Toronto. A filming notice has posted this summary of the movie: “Dream Scenario” follows the story of a schlubby professor whose life never really panned out for him. He suddenly becomes an overnight celebrity after appearing in every … Read more

Movies Releasing In September 2022

Today we will be listing the biggest movies that will be releasing in theaters and streaming this September!   Pinocchio  | On Disney Plus September 8th    Directed By: Robert Zemeckis    Starring: Tom Hanks, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, Luke Evans   Official Synopsis: A live action adaptation of Disney’s classic animated film “Pinocchio’.     … Read more

Bodies Bodies Bodies Review: The Best Slasher Film of the Year

2022 has been an awesome year for slashers. You had the “requel” Scream, Ti West’s X (with a prequel coming out this fall), and now, Bodies Bodies Bodies. A slasher-comedy about a party game that goes too far — kind of like Ready or Not — Bodies Bodies Bodies (simplified to Bodies for this review going forward except for references to the game itself) puts … Read more