‘My Adventures With Superman’ Episode 7 Review: A Multiversal Breakthrough

Another "normal" day in 'My Adventures With Superman' episode 7 brings some interesting plotlines with the multiverse, Lois Lanes, and the other side of Superman.

This piece was written during the 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Without the labor of the writers and actors currently on strike, the series being covered here wouldn’t exist.

My Adventures With Superman has led to some wild adventures with Clark (Jack Quaid), Lois (Alice Lee) and Jimmy (Ishmel Sahid). From facing criminals like Intergang to exploring the treacherous unknowns of Cadmus, the trio seem to be quite the unstoppable force. I’ve been watching this show since its premiere and there’s really something special about this show that feels more unique than other Superman-centric shows.

While the pacing of some episodes may feel slow or too concentrated on specific storylines, this show has maintained this sense of charm under an umbrella of curiosity. And with Clark’s secret finally revealed, we’re finally able to have more delightful and endearing stories. Even though Clark, Lois, and Jimmy are on the same level now, episode 7 turns things upside down with a multiversal escapade.

Spoiler Warning ahead for My Adventures With Superman episode 7.

My Adventures With Superman Episode 7: A Date With Superman

With Clark finally opening up to Lois and Jimmy in the previous episode, the show actually allows itself to “restart” Clark and Lois’ relationship. Clark’s initial social awkwardness, present since the beginning of the series, is gone. Now, he has this new opportunity to embrace his own heritage. Sure, he’s still learning how his powers work, but it doesn’t deter from not being with Lois and that’s the sweet part.

Although, keeping a big secret like that for this long has to have a big repayment. To do so, Clark and Lois both try to meticulously plan the perfect date despite Jimmy’s worries. Clark seeks to visit every place they’ve been together while Lois tracks down the best gift for Clark. This adds a nice touch to the two since the show has put them through thick and thin just to find some downtime. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned when Clark and Lois split off with two different plotlines.

My Adventures With Superman episode 7 follows Clark’s escapades with Mr. Mxyzptlk (David Errigo Jr.) and Lois and Jimmy’s troubling encounters with the Council of Lois Lanes. The multiversal Council of Lois Lanes has been trying to track down Mxyzptlk after his escape into the show’s universe due to the trio’s Cadmus shenanigans. Meanwhile, Mxyzptlk hopes to trick Superman into helping him regain his interdimensional powers to cause mischievous chaos.

Lois Lane’s Personal Troubles in My Adventures With Superman Episode 7

Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and the Council of Lois Lanes in My Adventures With Superman episode 7

The Council of Lois Lanes and their role this episode adds more emotional depth to the show’s Lois and her background in this somewhat sad way. The Loises that we see here, from Leader Lois (Lauren Tom) to Lewis Lane (Osric Chau), have led pretty successful lives to reach their positions. Meanwhile, the show’s Lois, who’s still an intern at the Daily Planet at 23, hasn’t reached her full potential.

Given the fact from episode 4 that she’s in a bad relationship with her father, it makes it hard for Lois to be satisfied with her work. Throughout the show, we’ve seen her try and try again to prove to everyone else that she’s great at what she does as a reporter. No matter where she is, from infiltrating prisons to getting into parties, she always does a good job even if she’s considered “the worst”. Perhaps, as the show goes on, Lois’ background will be further fleshed out as she continues helping Clark with his own personal journey.

Permeating Clark and Lois’ Relationship

In the grand final battle between a full-powered Mxyzptlk and the Loises, we get a touching moment between Clark and Lois as they open up their feelings for each other. Both of them admit they’re not the best versions of themselves, but as point out the other’s positives, the scene crescendos into true love’s first kiss. After all the heartfelt moments between the two, it was very satisfying to watch Clark and Lois finally permeate their relationship in this episode.

While it was great to have this moment, what shortly comes after almost breaks this scene apart. It was a bit of an emotional whiplash, but it also provides more needed contextualization for what’s to come.

The Threat of Superman in My Adventures With Superman

Ultraman, Superman (Gods and Monsters) and Justice Lord Superman in My Adventures With Superman episode 7

Throughout this episode, Clark has unknowingly involved himself with Mxyzptlk’s crimes thanks to some sly devious tricks from the imp. In doing so, it drives the Loises to believe that Clark is a bad guy and that the only solution is to take him down. The show’s Lois doesn’t believe this, insisting that Clark’s helpful actions in her universe make him a hero. However, despite her insistence, a light shines upon another terrifying revelation once the gang returns to their home universe.

While the ending scene does provide some cool easter eggs like Justice Lords Superman to Ultraman, it also drives Lois to start doubting her trust in her Clark in this heartbreaking way. From everything we’ve seen in this show, Clark remains dedicated to building his trust with Lois, Jimmy, and the rest of the world through his actions. Given this new detail, it is reasonable to believe Lois would lose some trust in Clark and seeing how this will play out will be quite interesting given Clark’s undisclosed visions.

Overall, My Adventures With Superman episode 7 beautifully expands Clark and Lois’ relationship all while weaving another narrative of what Superman can become through this multiversal story. Now fully shown two sides of the same coin, it will be fascinating to watch how Lois, Jimmy, and everyone else begins to interact with Clark. It has presented quite the moral dilemma, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens to the main trio in the next episode.


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