‘The Flash’ Review: A Multiversal Mess

‘The Flash’ holds the potential to be a stellar end to the DCEU, but it nearly falters in executing its grander multiversal story.

‘The Flash’ Ticket Sale Release Date Revealed (Report)

We’re less than a month away from DC’s upcoming movie ‘The Flash’ and we all can’t wait to see this multiversal adventure. The movie releases on June 16 and we finally have a date for when tickets will go on sale. Showcase Cinemas confirmed that the tickets for ‘The Flash’ will go on sale on … Read more

First Reactions For DC’s ‘The Flash’ Are Officially Out

Almost 2 months ahead of its release, Warner Bros. new movie The Flash had its first screening tonight during Cinema Con 2023. Read below the first reactions to the movie: The Flash tells the story of Barry Allen, when he uses his super speed to change the past, but his attempt to save his family … Read more

Why The Martha Scene in Batman V Superman actually very meaningful and not bad at all.

Remember when people went to see a “superhero movie” featuring two (actually three) of the most iconic superheroes together for the first time? For a lot of them, it wasn’t what they expected. It didn’t feel like a “superhero movie.” It didn’t feel like the ‘Big Brawl’ like some of the trailers said. It was … Read more