Everything We Know About ‘Secret Invasion’ So Far

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Disney+ series ‘Secret Invasion’.

Westworld Season 4: A Refreshing Return to form for the Dystopian Sci-Fi Epic.

Westworld was one of the most popular shows when it first aired in 2016. The dystopian sci-fi HBO series was a major hit and appreciated by critics and audiences alike. Since then, the show has lost its way and failed to reach the standards set by its first season. Now, the show is back for … Read more

Ms. Marvel Episode 2 Review: Crushed

By Leo Viscomi When this second episode to Disney Plus’ Ms. Marvel opened without The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights playing over the Marvel Studios intro, I was disappointed and a slight bit worried. Was the stylish opening episode of the series just for show? Would Ms. Marvel fall into the tiring cookie-cutter formula that Marvel Studios … Read more