‘Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake’ Review: A Fantastical Escape From Reality

A new epic and introspective quest in Ooo and the grand multiverse awaits in ‘Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake’.

‘Titans’ Season 4 Part 1 Review: This Supernatural Return Manifests A Complex Puzzle With Branching Stories

Thank you to Warner Bros. Discovery for providing early screeners to episodes 1-5 for Titans and making this review possible. The Titans have always been a popular team in DC next to the Justice League and the Suicide Squad. However, only some members of the team only appeared in animated shows like Young Justice and … Read more

‘Black Adam’ Review: The DCEU’s Next Step Prospers In A Return To Form

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‘Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons’ NON-SPOILER Review: An Exhilarating Adventure Of Companionship

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