Hunters S2 Review: A Middling Finale 

The entire season is streaming on Prime Video on January 13.

‘Pantheon’ Review: A Naturalistic, Compelling Take On Defining Humanity

Thank you to AMC+ for providing early screeners for Pantheon and making this review possible. Pantheon premieres on September 1 on AMC+. Since the beginnings of the early society, there has always been that philosophical question about what makes someone really human….

House Of The Dragon Ep 1 Review

After a few years of not having content of our favorite fantasy world on sundays at HBO, we are back with a perfect first episode (even better than the GoT pilot) We are 200 (aprox) years before Daenerys Targaryen story….

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She-Hulk Director Jessica Gao Talks About The Future Of The Character On The MCU.

Things are getting green since ‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’ premiered last Thursday at Disney+. Now that the character finally joined the MCU, fans might be curious on what to expect for the future of the new green hero. On the…

The Princess Review: An Honest Look at the Tragic Life of England’s Rose

There’s a reason that I prefer documentaries over biopics about iconic figures. Do you really want a Hollywood version of The Beatles or U2’s story? Think before you answer. And while some can pull off a fictionalized story within an…

‘Prey’ Movie Review – The Perfect Predator Movie

The Predator Franchise was dormant for twenty years as far as solo films were concerned. There have been two opportunities to reinvigorate the franchise. Predators and The Predator were both fun but failed attempts. This time, the franchise joined the…

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All upcoming summer family and kids movies and series on Netflix

Netflix announced all the the family and kids stuff that is coming to the platform this summer. Here’s the list of all the upcoming shows and movies. The announcement trailer: The upcoming showsJuly 7: Karma’s World Season 3July 8: The…

Man vs. Bee Starring Rowan Atkinson Review: Is It Worth Watching?

Rowan Atkinson became a worldwide star in 1990, when he displayed his gift for physical comedy as the bumbling, silent Mr. Bean. He has been doing that kind of comedy for decades now and same goes for his latest Netflix…

When Does ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ hits Disney+?

We’re getting closer and closer to the newest Thor movie, ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ will hit theaters in a little over 10 days but not all of us will be able to go to the cinema to see the movie…