Why you should be excited for ‘The Flash’

Everyone knows about James Gunn making some changes in the DCEU, but that doesn’t mean that fans need to discount the forthcoming 2023 film The Flash. Even though Ezra Miller possibly staying in the DCEU has sparked a lot of controversy, it seems that the execs at WB have decided to still go forward with the solo film. 

A lot of fans may be divided on the release of the film, as it seems that there will be many changes in the universe, but here are a few reasons as to why you should be excited for this superhero movie.

Michael Keaton

Via: Warner Bros. Pictures

The fact that Michael Keaton is returning as the Caped Crusader in the film should be enough to get fans overjoyed with emotion. The last we saw of him was more than thirty years ago. It is said that Keaton will be playing the same Batman from his two movies, while completely ignoring Kilmer and Clooney’s iterations, altogether. 

Knowing that Keatos is a Batman from an alternative universe makes it more exciting to see what could possibly be unveiled in this film with an older Batman working alongside the Flash on screen. This is what fans have been anticipating for a number of years and I can’t wait to see it. 

The Return of Zod

Via: Warner Bros. Pictures

What seems to be both exciting and strange is the fact that Michael Shannon will be returning as Superman’s archnemesis General Zod. It might be said that the villain may come back due to the time-traveling nature of the film. 

Through some sort of divine intervention, minus the pulp and heavy on the fiction, we will most likely see the baddie again through a multiversal mishap that causes a split in the timeline where Superman had possibly never killed Zod. 

That sounds interesting once you’ve wrapped your brain around it, even if it feels like a second-rate attempt at trying to be No Way Home.

Flash in Action

Via: Warner Bros. Pictures

Probably the best reason to be excited about the new DCEU film is to finally, after all these years of waiting, see the superhero in action kicking bad guy ass. Fans have only seen Flash in animated media or as a side-character. Seeing the hero as the main character is something new for all of DC Comics fans to enjoy for the ages. 

Regardless of the controversy the actor is embroiled in, there is no denying that Ezra Miller has turned in a good performance as the hero and I can’t wait to see where the execs at WB decide to take the character. 

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