Why The Martha Scene in Batman V Superman actually very meaningful and not bad at all.

Remember when people went to see a “superhero movie” featuring two (actually three) of the most iconic superheroes together for the first time? For a lot of them, it wasn’t what they expected. It didn’t feel like a “superhero movie.” It didn’t feel like the ‘Big Brawl’ like some of the trailers said. It was … Read more

Marvel and Disney Plus Developing “Wonder Man” Series

Copyright Marvel Comics Looks like we won’t have to wait for D23 to get some more Marvel news! Destin Daniel Cretton (director of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings) and Andrew Guest (writer for Community and Brooklyn Nine Nine, in addition to being a consulting producer on Marvel’s own Hawkeye series) are currently … Read more

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Episode 5 Review

‪“Jedis goes to defend life, not take it”‬. This is what the episode stands for while we keep advancing through the episode. It’s hard to put in words how much this episode can mean to someone who grow up with the Star Wars universe, specially the prequels. But let’s start for the beginning. Obi Wan … Read more