She-Hulk Director Jessica Gao Talks About The Future Of The Character On The MCU.

Things are getting green since ‘She-Hulk: Attorney At Law’ premiered last Thursday at Disney+. Now that the character finally joined the MCU, fans might be curious on what to expect for the future of the new green hero. On the first episode of the series, we could see that different than Bruce Banner, “Jen” had … Read more

She-Hulk Ep. 1-4 Review: Turning Green

For my money, all of the MCU Disney+ series have had a nasty habit of starting off well and teetering off by the end. She-Hulk continues the trend of starting something new and exciting for the MCU, even if the stakes are pint-sized compared to the Hulk’s biceps (granted, what isn’t?). And while I have … Read more