‘My Adventures With Superman’ Episode 6 Review: Mad Relationships, Mad Science

'My Adventures With Superman' episode 6 tries to mend the wounds between Clark and Lois all while Jimmy embarks on his own scary adventure.

This piece was written during the 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Without the labor of the writers and actors currently on strike, the series being covered here wouldn’t exist.

As My Adventures With Superman continues exploring the lives of Clark (Jack Quaid), Lois (Alice Lee), and Jimmy (Ishmel Sahid), the show has continued to take fun twists and turns that subvert expectations. Up to this point, watching the trio delve further into this mystery has been delightful as the show infuses these characters with a resonating energy that only an animated series like this can achieve.

Now six episodes in, My Adventures With Superman has managed to nail its emotional storytelling that I personally haven’t felt with other DC projects recently. With Clark and Lois’ relationship at a standstill and Jimmy left by himself, the show takes its time to reestablish that trust in a sweet, if a bit forced, story. In addition, this episode continues to increase the stakes as new details and new characters join the fray.

Overall, My Adventures With Superman episode 6 still succeeds in telling its captivating story, albeit somewhat contrived by its pacing and plot. Clark, Lois, and Jimmy have a lot to go through and this episode doesn’t hold back emotionally.

Spoiler Warning ahead for My Adventures With Superman episode 6.

Rebuilding the Trust in My Adventures With Superman Episode 6

Clark Kent and Lois Lane in My Adventures With Superman Episode 6

This episode makes it clear that it’s unlikely Clark and Lois will ever get back together. With Clark holding out on revealing his true identity, Lois has reasonably set personal boundaries against Clark. Now with Jimmy missing, the show gives the duo an opportunity to rebuild what trust they have left with one another.

As Clark and Lois search for Jimmy, the two feel more plot-driven than the previous episodes. However, that isn’t to say they haven’t lost their empathy for one another. Throughout the episode, Clark and Lois gradually reveal their inner selves, exemplified when Lois discusses her challenging history with her father. They also prioritize each other’s safety, evident when Task Force X’s reactivated drones target them. These scenes offer more intense, up-close action than before, subtly indicating their enduring friendship.

However, while it did feel natural previously, Clark and Lois’ story this episode was more linear. It’s understandable that, with Jimmy missing and the resolution of episode 5, the two wouldn’t have much to say. They’re much more focused on the mission at hand, but it does lessen the emotional conclusion the episode reaches at its end. The episode’s conclusion provided a satisfying resolution, yet its action-packed third act felt somewhat rushed, a result of Jimmy’s storyline in this episode.

Jimmy’s Cadmus Misadventures

Jimmy Olsen, Monsieur Mallah, and The Brain in My Adventures With Superman Episode 6

My Adventures With Superman episode 6 has some surprising new additions with Monsieur Mallah (Andre Sogliuzzo) and the Brain (Jesse Inocalla). While these two are notable for their more villainous deeds in the Teen Titans and Doom Patrol comics, the two actually play supporting roles in Jimmy’s story this episode.

While episode 5 sets up Jimmy as the odd one out of the friend group, this episode embraces him in a situation where he can fit in. The episode does this by giving Mallah an accepting personality on a level that almost makes him feel like a therapist. As Jimmy confides in the two about Clark and Lois’ recent behavior, Mallah finds a connection, having experienced abandonment with the Brain. Despite the Brain’s oddly comical pleas to eliminate Jimmy, this respectful bond instills a hopeful optimism, suggesting Jimmy’s acceptance by Clark and Lois.

When Clark and Lois eventually find Jimmy, Clark also decides to reveal his identity to Jimmy. However, when it’s revealed that Jimmy knew this fact all along, he finally gets the chance to voice his thoughts. Jimmy hasn’t had many opportunities to do so, making it satisfying to see him express his emotions. This moment allows for a better understanding of the complex dynamics that the trio have developed over the past few episodes. However, this moment is abruptly interrupted by the swarm of drones, who attack the trio, leading into an all-out mutant fight.

How My Adventures With Superman Episode 6 Resolves the Secrecy

In the climactic battle, Clark, Lois, and Jimmy are finally able to rebuild their trust for one another. As Lois and Jimmy ask why Clark’s hid his secret identity for so long, Clark explains that he just wants to fit in like everyone else. In the end, Lois and Jimmy don’t care what he is; they only care about who he is and how open he is.

It’s a heartfelt moment for the three, though it feels rushed in the midst of all the chaos. My Adventures With Superman has these overarching themes of self-discovery and acceptance, utilizing Clark as the representation of those ideas. In doing so, the show creates this message of being more understanding and empathetic with others.

The show does build up to this in this episode, but it may feel a bit forceful as the third act jumps from point to point. Nonetheless, the show continues to explore this strong message in the upcoming episodes in a more natural way.

Task Force X’s Mission in My Adventures With Superman Episode 6

The General, Amanda Waller, and Deathstroke in My Adventures With Superman Episode 6

While My Adventures With Superman episode 6 has its emotional moments, it also heavily expands on the goals and motivations of Task Force X. In previous episodes, there have only been a few hints of why this organization has been out for Superman. Now, it looks like those pieces are finally coming together.

Thanks to Mallah’s backstory of Cadmus’ downfall and the Brain’s insights of Task Force X and the General (Joel De La Fuente), it solidifies the group’s motives to protect humanity using their alien technologies. It’s unclear when or how long they’ve had these technologies, but throughout the show, most of the technology has reacted to Clark’s interactions with them.

As the Brain points out, this puts Clark at the epicenter of the things to come. Whatever’s coming may be unknown to the main trio right now. However, given these visions of extraterrestrial attacks and Waller’s (Debra Wilson) warning of a “Net Zero Day”, it does feel like something big is inevitably coming. Considering all this connects back to Clark, My Adventures With Superman‘s conclusion may be painstaking to watch.


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