Hey! It’s been a very hard year but after all the challenges, we are about to reach 50,000 followers on Twitter/X. Even though we still haven’t reached the mark, we decided to give this opportunity for our followers that have always supported us and engaged with The Hollywood Handle. Thanks to Funko!, we will be … Read more

‘Leo’ Review: A Boring Movie That Should Have Stayed In The Classroom

I love Adam Sandler movies, I love Happy Madison Productions’ movies, but cmon, this was so bad. I never created any type of expectation for Leo, I know it’s a movie aiming towards young audiences but still, even recent movies like Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie and Under The Boardwalk were better, those two movies … Read more

‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ Review: New Anime Soars Above Expectations

Although the cast of the movie came back to voice the characters in the animated show, if you are going into this expecting “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World” but animated, you’d be wrong. If you’re going into this expecting a journey of self healing through the lens of a “WHODIDIT”, then you’re really good at … Read more

‘Dashing Through The Snow’ Review: A Simple Yet Sweet Christmas Flick

The festive season of Christmas movies has finally dawned upon us! I was rather apathetic this year, considering the lackluster titles that have been anticipated for us, none of them seemed appealing. However, there was one movie that piqued my interest and that movie was Dashing Through The Snow. I was intrigued by the cast … Read more