Violent Night #NYCC22 Review: An Action Packed Must Watch For Christmas Season

Violent Night follows mercenaries as they break into an upscale family compound, taking the family hostage on Christmas Eve; they weren’t prepared for a surprising combatant: Santa Claus (David Harbour), who is on the scene and will prove he’s no saint. . Violent Night is a film where it lives up to its name, being TOO VIOLENT, to describe the violence of this film in the most simplistic way possible would be, John Wick mixed with Home Alone, because yes it has its traps and it also has that John Wick level action, the movie never loses points when the goal is to be action at all times and violent at all times, probably the best action scenes of this year. Talking now about another point, acting, the acting in this movie is very very good, especially the best character, the unique and unparalleled SANTA CLAUS, David Harbour was born to be a Santa Claus full of gore.

David Harbour is perfect in this movie. But of course the film does have its defects that are few in my point of view, but the main one is the script, I think this film is more to please those who like more action, violence, comedy, etc, but not to please someone who is looking to see something to be nominated for an OSCAR or any kind of award. The film is excellent in what it sets out to be, being a film where Santa Claus will kill everything and everyone that appears in front of him to save a family in trouble. This movie personally has already entered my list of movies I have to watch every Holiday Season, a movie that never promised to be more than what it is, simply one of the funniest movies of 2022 in my honest opinion.

The theme of the film is nothing more than what we know from Christmas movies, always trying to convince us of the existence of Santa Claus and showing that anything can be possible, it’s always just believing.

Rating: 80%

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