‘We Have A Ghost’ Review: Harbour Shines In A Comedy For The Whole Family

Directed by Christopher Landon, We Have A Ghost is a solid yet emotional and entertaining Netflix original movie, the movie tells the story of a boy called Kevin, played by Jahi Di’Allo Winston, that moved up to a new house which has apparently had a hard past, the house was in terrible conditions, full of holes and dirt but the family was broken and with no money so why not right? In a certain day, Kevin goes upstairs and finds Ernest (David Harbour), a ghost that tries to scare Kevin but the boy already had enough sad moments in his life and seeing a ghost was considered exciting for him, when his family founds out that there’s a ghost living in their attic, they felt the NEED to post it in the internet trying to earn some money, and even tho it succeed, not everything is perfect, CIA is behind that ghost making them unlock a previous locked project of the government involving the supernatural…

Ernest is full os secrets… and he’s willing to find out what happened to him and why is he dead, he doesn’t remember anything from the past and he doesn’t even know who is he, is his name even Ernest? Kevin teams up with a girl he met in school and go in a crazy adventure and help Ernest to find out who he is. Kevin has a lot of family issues, his father (Anthony Mackie) wants his son to be the way he made him to be, but Kevin is not like that and he has his own decisions and his own life, he can be described as a very shy character, don’t have any friends, a very limited social life, the character development throughout the movie is interesting to see as he finds a friend that he knows that is not even “real” or alive… a ghost!

David Harbour literally shined as the ghost, he doesn’t talk on the movie at all, you won’t see him say any word, only gestures will come from the star, and it was pretty enough for me at least, the character is fun, has good comical scenes, good action scenes, it’s a character that gives us the feeling of desire to know more about him and his obscure past, and be ready for a very solid plot twist coming.

The movie is not perfect, it has a pretty simple plot but the movie brings a very interesting concept: how would this generation react if there was a real ghost “living” between us? They bring this up here a lot, people go crazy for Ernest and he becomes one of the most popular celebrities in the world during the movie, the movie has some great jokes that really worked and took some laughs from me, I’d highly recommend to watch this during a movie night with family, but it’s not really perfect for kids because it honestly has its kind of scary moments.

The CGI is exceptional but we can tell it’s direct-to-streaming movie level, it’s not perfect but it’s fine considering the concept of the movie. The “villain” is probably the worst part of it, doesn’t give us any chills or fear and we can only see weakness when thinking about that villain. After all, We Have A Ghost is spooky and such an entertaining time for a movie night, a great Netflix original comedy that has a charismatic cast along with a solid plot and great jokes.

Rating: 74%

The movie releases this Friday (Feb. 24) on Netflix!

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