A24’s Men Review: Alex Garland Terrifies In His New Horror Movie.

I started to become a fan of A24 a very short time ago, I didn’t get to see the first films of this huge studio that as little recognized as it is, I think it’s the best studio in terms of horror movies!

 This year has been a GREAT year for A24, we started with horror ‘X’ which was amazing and terrifying and also had ‘Everything, Everywhere, All At Once’ and both movies are considered one of the best movies of this year!  A24 now comes with ‘Men’ a movie with a mysterious and VERY complex premise that will make you think a lot about it, I think ‘Men’ could easily reach the level of the other 2 movies if this one could answer more questions, when the movie was ending I thought I would have answers to my questions but all I got was more questions…

 ‘Men’ tells the story of a woman who carries a huge trauma related to her divorce, her husband had killed himself after arguing and she witnessed everything and carries it in her conscience.  In order to clear her mind and forget about everything, she decides to take a car trip to a village and rent a big and very comfortable house, the man who was renting the house to her at first was already mysterious and made us wonder what who is he or what does he want?  The woman then feels comfortable in the house and decides to go for a walk in the forest, and that’s when doubts start to appear in our minds, she starts to be stalked by a mysterious and naked man… I start and I still don’t understand… of course at the end we have some answers, and you can understand the movie in a flat way but I’m still full of questions to ask about this movie, to avoid heavy spoilers, I won’t go into details in the questions but when you watch you must also be confused about some things! 

The film has an excellent technical part, it is quite innovative, the protagonist does a great job and makes the viewer feel the anguish that the character goes through, the film is TORMENTATORY especially at the end!  The photography is excellent, and a detail that I love about A24 horror films is the background sounds, the environment, and how natural it makes the film feel, the sound of water, air, objects, fire, these small details make the experience more and more realistic and that weighs heavily on the film in a positive way.

 ‘Men’ is complex, disturbing and distressing, I highly recommend it to horror lovers but if you have a sensitive mind I think this movie is not for you, this movie deals with very serious subjects like suicide, but after all it is a good movie of terror and plays its role of terrorizing!

Rating: 7,8/10

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