‘Dashing Through The Snow’ Review: A Simple Yet Sweet Christmas Flick

The festive season of Christmas movies has finally dawned upon us! I was rather apathetic this year, considering the lackluster titles that have been anticipated for us, none of them seemed appealing. However, there was one movie that piqued my interest and that movie was Dashing Through The Snow. I was intrigued by the cast and the modernized story, it

‘The Killer’ Review: Fincher Strikes Again

I’ve been waiting to watch this movie for months, but now I can finally say I witnessed David Fincher’s The Killer and is indeed not only a piece of art, but also a remarkable and agonizing experience. A man solitary and cold, methodical and unencumbered by scruples or regrets, the killer waits in the shadows, watching for his next target.

‘Quiz Lady’ Review: A Delightful, Emotional And Enjoyable Comedy

The same way 2022 was considered the year where we had so many horror movies, 2023 could be recognized as the year with the best comedy movies! Joy Ride, No Hard Feelings, Bottoms, Strays, Barbie, and now, Quiz Lady. Comedy has been a genre that has massively decreased its audience and popularity, I bet that your favorite Comedy movie is

‘Invincible’ Season 2 Review: About Time

Oh yes it was about time for Invincible to return and don’t worry because if you enjoyed the first season, you’re eating so good with this one. Back in 2021, the first season of Invincible made history between comic book TV fans, this show was simply amazing and Prime Video saw its success and instantly renewed it for a second

‘Invincible’ Co-Showrunner Talks About A Potential Spider-Man Crossover: “You Gotta Have To Wait And See” (Exclusive)

Thanks to Prime Video, we had the opportunity to speak to Invincible Season 2 Executive Producer and Co-Showrunner Simon Racioppa. During the interview, we asked him about a potential Spider-Man crossover on the show, specially after all the fans theorizing about it. Check his response below: “I’d love to have crossovers with all, with DC, with Marvel, with all these

‘The Enfield Poltergeist’ Review: The Perfect Retelling

“The Enfield Poltergeist” is a hybrid docuseries re-investigating the most famous poltergeist haunting in history featuring hundreds of hours of rare audio archive. Poltergeists are already a terrifying topic but this series makes this specific one even more so in the perfect way. In each episode the audio archive is the director in a way. The actors lip sync to

‘The Enfield Poltergeist’ Director Jerry Rothwell Talks About Experiences And His Upcoming Project (Exclusive)

The Enfield Poltergeist is a docuseries made up of reenactments and interviews re-investigating probably the most famous poltergeist haunting in history. The thing that makes this series extra creepy is the lip syncing of the actors to the actual audio from the audio archive. It creates this belief / disbelief effect that is exactly what a documentary should feel like.

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