‘Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters’ (Ep 1-5) Review: A Roaring Success

I’ve always been a fan of the MonsterVerse but of course it’s an universe that indeed had its flaws, Godzilla: King Of The Monsters was an example of a bad movie from this universe, but this doesn’t change the fact on how exciting and ambitious this universe is, who doesn’t love to watch big monsters attacking cities and fighting people right? Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, and the recent Godzilla Vs. Kong are all bangers and remarkable experiences.

And now this universe has brought its first TV series and I must confess I was nervous about that because shows usually have smaller budgets and making all those CGI monsters would be hard… But hey! The richest brand in the world, Apple, is making this show so let’s go! I was totally ready for this and they DELIVERED.

Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters is a monstrous blast, and if you’re wondering: yes, the series’ focus are the humans and the story behind their past. But there’s a lot of monster screentime also! This show is action packed and not only that, it’s also full of tension and mystery.

The show follows the story of Cate Randa (Anna Sawai), that decided to visit her past and go to Japan to visit her dead father’s apartment when she suddenly discovered that he was hiding a lot of secrets and that he actually might not be dead… He was hiding a whole other life from his daughter, he had another family in Japan with another wife and a son… so Cate started to wonder who her dad actually was and what was he hiding.

This review covers the first 5 episodes of this series so I’m still half a way through this story, I don’t know what is going to happen after all I experienced and how it’s going to end but the setting up is amusing and I’m TOTALLY here for it. I will avoid giving more story details, you must preserve your experience for this show, it’s really worth it, don’t get spoiled for this, trust me.

About the cast, it’s mostly great. The cast is packed with a lot of non-popular yet talented actors that definitely deserved their respective roles in this project. Gotta highlight Wyatt Russell specially which delivers such a deep and interesting character, really enjoyed his performance and will be looking forward to him in the upcoming episodes. I enjoyed Kurt Russell, he’s character and Wyatt’s are the same person and they manage to deliver such a similar performance that will make you really feel like they are the same person.

And as we were expecting: the CGI is MARVELOUS, don’t expect a TV series poor-level CGI on this one, this one is BIG and when I say “big” I really mean it! During this first 3 episodes you will see Godzilla showing up in 2 different scenes, not spoiling the scenes but don’t expect a lot of monsters, at least for now. The cinematography is also insane and so is the opening sequence. MonsterVerse fans get ready because your time has come.

Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters is an absolute blast that will leave you on the edge of your seat for most of the time. The plot is filled with mystery and tension. The cast is outstanding, with each actor perfectly embodying their role. MonsterVerse fans get ready because this series is an absolute feast for you!


Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters releases on Apple TV+ on November 17

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