‘Tetris’ Review: Interesting Concept In A Forgettable Movie

Im a huge fan of Tetris, I still play the game, it’s such a simple game but also a vicious one that we just can’t control nor understand. But doing a movie about this game would work? I mean, we probably think that it won’t, but honestly, this movie has an interesting story, but it’s not for everyone, and to be honest, it’s not for me either.

Henk Rogers is a game designer, he lives with his wife and his kids in Tokyo, he met his wife in Hawaii and ended up going back with her to her native country (Japan) and so there build a life with her. He suddenly finds out a new game called Tetris… developed by a Russian named Alekseï Pajitnov, I don’t think I need to explain how the game is works right? It’s pretty simple. Henk wants to spread the game worldwide and get the money he needs to make his life bigger and more successful.

Tetris started in a fantastic way, the first act of the movie is perfect, we start the movie in a very quick way, Henk gives us a great introduction of everything that’s happening and that happened, he makes us understand everything that’s going on at the moment and where the game rights are at right now. The creator, Alek, initially sold the rights of the game for only $10,000, and yeah that’s nothing compared to what that game is actually worth, and Henk is here to give this game the recognition that it deserves and give Alek the success and money he deserves because the game was his idea and something created by him.

The second act of the movie falls down, it gets into an endless process of negotiation that, for me at least, got very boring, I know this is what is the movie is about, is about business, about spies and a massive communist country, but the movie didn’t stick out for me in general. Taron Egerton as Henk is easily the MVP here, I don’t want to give too many details on the story itself to not ruin your experience but he really shines and gives one of the best performances I’ve seen this year so far. Nikita Efremov also did a GREAT job as Alek, both of them had a very good character development and Im very happy for it.

I HAVE to highlight the editing of this movie, you will see this whole movie be edited like if it was a game, it shows you each part of the story titled “Level 1”, “Level 2”… and this is so fun to watch, the movie really brought such a fun concept that we’re not used to. The soundtrack is with popular movies from the 80s, it’s very nostalgic and pleasurable.

Taron Egerton gives a phenomenal performance in Tetris, but the movie feels dull and tiring most of the time, an interesting concept with a great soundtrack but a boring script. Some will enjoy, some will not. It’s worth the try.


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