Why ‘The Little Mermaid’ Remake is The Remake We Need

So, not too long ago, Disney just dropped their latest trailer for what will soon be their latest remake: The Little Mermaid.

Most people know the 1989 film inside out by now, but many seem hesitant to take a look at the remake. However, it seems that Disney has struck gold with this remake, hitting all the right notes and with Halle Bailey as Ariel, I can’t really complain that much.

The trailer shows more of the characters and features Ariel saving Prince Eric after he falls overboard his ship.

I feel that this remake will certainly hit all the right notes in a positive way. I may be biased because I, absolutely, love the live-action Disney remakes and a lot of other people don’t, but I got my fingers crossed for this one.

Without further ado, here is why this Disney remake is the remake that we need.

The Cast Looks Great

As mentioned before, Halle Bailey looks breathtakingly gorgeous as Ariel and she has more than enough beauty when portraying the undersea vixen. Not only is she featured more in the trailer but her father King Triton played by Javier Brdem is also featured in the film being as overprotective as he was in the 1989 animated film.

What’s even more exciting is seeing Melissa McCarthy as Ursula the sea witch, who offers Ariel a pair of legs to become fully human in exchange for her voice. With a cast this outstanding, it will be impossible for people not to want to check this film out and be astonished by their sheer whimsy and charisma. 

Peter Pan is “Meh”

To be fair, Disney fans need this remake because the trailer for Peter and Wendy came out not too long ago and since there have been quite a few incarnations of the boy who never grew up. There was the 2002 sequel to the 1953 movie, the live-action non-Disney film in 2003 and the 2015 prequel. So, at this point in time, people may be understandably exhausted by the character Peter Pan.

The Little Mermaid has only had the 1989 interpretation as the major feature based upon the Hans Christian Andersen novel. Not seeing Ariel and her friends for over 30 years gives the audience more time to appreciate the characters and then look back on and revisit them fondly. People don’t want things forced down their throats like a Nickelback album. 

It won’t just be animals like “The Lion King”

People were disappointed in 2019’s The Lion King remake because of its overuse of CGI and its character’s facial expressions. There will be plenty of humans in this Rob Marshall film. So, fans don’t have to worry about characters emoting.

This remake seems to be grounded more in reality than being in some strange jungle with a plethora of stunning CGI animals, but that’s usually what you expect from a Disney princess film. 

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