News Recap Of The Week (Week of 10.29.23)

First, I would like to say thanks for reading. Secondly, if you think an update should’ve been on this weeks list or one should be higher/lower on it, please let me know. I won’t change my mind for I am always right but I like to listen to other peoples opinions. Although wrong, they are opinions none the less.

Now onto the show!

Fifth spot goes to something that isn’t necessarily good news but needs to be discussed. An article from Variety came out discussing the MCU and the problems it is facing. In the article it is reported that Marvel was rumored to be trying to get original “Avengers” cast back for a new movie, looking into replacing Kang with Dr. Doom as the big bad, and dropped the budget of “Blade” after a writer change and near Mahershala Ali walk out. Now although this article has caused a lot of debate online I think the fact that Marvel doesn’t have faith in it’s current slate is apparent and that is not a good thing.

Fourth spot as reported by The Hollywood Reporter goes to Charles Band, the brain behind “Gingerdead Man” and “Evil Bong” is currently working on a “Barbenheimer” movie about a doll who tries to destroy humanity with a bomb. Yes, every movie I just wrote out is a real thing.

Bronze winner in third goes to the stuntmen of Hollywood. From the “David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived” trailer to the “The Fall Guy” trailer. A light is being shone onto that part of the film industry. I am all for it and in complete agreeance with “John Wick” Director Chad Stahelski in the article from ScreenRant where he is hopeful for an Academy Award category for stuntmen and women.

Runner up in second, but by a very small margin, is the new “Godzilla Minus One” trailer. HOLY WOW NOW THASSA GODZILLA MOVIE! This is what I want Godzilla to look and sound like. I am a fan of the Monsterverse movies but this is just top tier kaiju.

First place, gold winner for this week goes to THAT “SCOTT PILGRIM TAKES OFF” THEME!!! GO LISTEN TO IT AND DON’T STOP! IT IS SO GOOD! (also make sure to check out my review dropping on 11.17.23.) 😉

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