‘Hypnotic’ Review: Ben Affleck Stars In A Twisted Yet Confusing Thriller

As it says on its title, Hypnotic will literally hypnotize you, it will make your brain explode, many things happening at the same time, one over the other, and it can be very complex for some and very interesting for others. The movie tells the story of Danny Rourke (Ben Affleck), a detective that is currently searching for his missing daughter that apparently has been kidnapped.

Everything I say about the plot of the movie will be a spoiler for you, so I’d rather just tell you this short premise so you know what to expect… the movie will blow your mind when you realize what it actually is and what it’s actually about. The movie has a lot of flaws, despite being intriguing, the acting of most of the cast felt forced, Ben Affleck and Alice Braga were the only ones who actually shined somehow.

I liked the concept of the movie, I really did, but you need to know that if you’re writing such a complex story you need to write a more complex script because the one we had for this movie was completely full of cliches and monotonous scenes. Hypnotic really felt like a direct-to-streaming movie, the movie on its all felt and looked cheap.

As I said: the concept of the movie is great, very original and different from what we ever seen before, the plot twists on this movie is what it makes it watchable, the movie is carried with some interesting plot twists that will leave the audience on the edge of their seat, but that’s not enough to say this was a good movie.

The villain is very bad, he barely talks and when he shows up he gets beat or does some cliche thing, the way he shows weakness is annoying and they could have done a better villain (stay for the post-credit scene by the way).

After all, Hypnotic is an intriguing and twisted movie but with a script full of cliches and monotonous characters. Ben Affleck shines as always as the lead character.


Hypnotic releases in theaters on May 12

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