Breaking: Busch Light Teams with Sarah McLachlan for Super Bowl Ad

McLachlan marks the second-straight Super Bowl ad for Busch Light featuring a musical artist.

NEW YORK CITY, New York — The Super Bowl may primarily bring the fanbases of two franchises together to watch their teams compete for a Lombardi Trophy, but the most universal aspect of the big game is the ads. From movie trailers to hilarious parodies, even the most disinterested people at their Super Bowl parties will lift their heads up to watch some of the ads.

Last year, Busch Light teamed with Kenny G for a nostalgic callback to their classic “Head for the Mountains” jingle. This year, Busch Light is hoping to give viewers an ad that they’ll always remember as they are partnering with Grammy Award-winner Sarah McLachlan and pit her against the Busch Guy (Gerald Downey) for a clever riff on one of her famous commercials.

The spot, directed by Kitao Sakurai, begins with the Busch Guy teaching viewers “The Busch Guide: Cold and Smoot Survival Skills.” He names three essentials in the great outdoors: food, drink (Busch Light, duh!) and shelter. Enter, McLachlan, who opens a tent where she’s sitting with a wolf as her 2007 song, “Angel,” swells in the background. It quickly becomes clear that there is a miscommunication as McLachlan gives a pitch to donate to an animal shelter and gives a riff on her old commercials for the ASPCA

In an official statement from Krystyn Stowe, Head of Marketing Busch Family & Natural Family at Anheuser-Busch, she states: “Our fans love nothing more than time in nature with an ice-cold Busch Light and that’s why we’re once again bringing the great outdoors to the biggest game of the year.” 

McLachlan also spoke about the partnership, saying: “Busch Light shares my love of animals and the wilderness so, while it seems unexpected, this spot is a really clever and good-hearted mix of my passions and their brand,” she would continue, “Last year, Kenny G revived the beer brand’s classic ‘Head for the Mountains’ song and that’s a tough act to follow, but I love that Busch Light is playing into nostalgia again with a new rendition of my ‘Angel’ ASPCA commercial and I can’t wait to see how people react!” 

Busch Light has long been known for its charitable efforts and will donate $25,000 to One Tree Planted; helping restore forests, create habitats for biodiversity and make a positive social impact around the world. 

Additionally, just in time for Super Bowl LVII, Busch Light is bringing back its massive social sweepstakes, The Mountain of Busch. Similarly to last year, fans can enter to win a mountain’s worth of Busch Light (along with other prizes) from January 31 until the end of the Super Bowl by replying to Busch Light’s social posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with #MountainOfBusch #Sweepstakes. The best part? Every entry is another can added to the mountain, so the more people that participate, the bigger the prize gets. Follow @buschbeer for more info.


No Purchase Necessary. Open to US residents 21+. Begins 1/31/23 and ends 2/12/23. See Official Rules at for prizes and details. Message and data rates may apply. Void where prohibited. *Cash equivalent in certain states. 

About Busch Light

Busch Light, the beer brewed for the great outdoors, is as cold and crisp as the mountain stream. With a rich history rooted in tradition, exceptional ingredients and refreshing taste, each sip of Busch Light brings you to the mountains. With continued focus on its rich history and increased investment, flavor and packaging innovation and passion driven partnerships, Busch Light has experienced consistent growth since 2019. The Busch Light brand name represents a family of products including Busch, Busch Light, Busch Ice, Busch NA, Busch Apple and Busch Dog Brew. For more information, visit and follow Busch Light on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

About Anheuser-Busch 

At Anheuser-Busch, our purpose is to create a future with more cheers. We are always looking to serve up new ways to meet life’s moments, dream big to move our industry forward, and make a meaningful impact in the world. We hope to build a future that everyone can celebrate, and everyone can share. For more than 160 years, Anheuser-Busch has carried on a legacy of brewing great-tasting, high-quality beers that have satisfied beer drinkers for generations. Today, we own and operate more than 120 facilities, including breweries, wholesaler distribution centers, agricultural facilities and packaging plants, and have more than 19,000 colleagues across the United States. We are home to several of America’s most loved beer and beyond beer brands, including Michelob ULTRA, Cutwater Spirits, Stella Artois, Budweiser and Bud Light as well as a number of regional brands that provide beer drinkers with a choice of the best-tasting craft beers in the industry. From responsible drinking programs and emergency drinking water donations to industry-leading sustainability efforts, we are guided by our unwavering commitment to supporting the communities we call home. For more information, visit. For more information, visit or follow Anheuser-Busch on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

You can watch Busch Light’s spot with McLachlan below: 

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