All Marvel Studios Trilogies, Ranked

With the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, Marvel Studios has officially reached the mark of 5 trilogies on its total, and we must confess that every trilogy has at least one banger movie. We decided to bring you our ranking of the five MCU trilogies.

5. Ant-Man

This trilogy had WAY more potential than what it actually offered us… Ant-Man: And The Wasp: Quantumania proved that this trilogy has to be on this position. Ant-Man was an epic movie and one of Marvel’s best, but then the 2nd movie was a downgrade and then we got the third, which was expected to be something epic with Marvel’s new villain and ended up being pretty meh…

4. Iron Man

I’d honestly say that the reason this trilogy is in THIS position is the same reason Ant-Man is on 5th, the third movie ruined the whole reputation, but it’s okay when we consider that the first 2 movies were great, specially the first one. This is definitely of Marvel’s best characters.

3. Captain America

Many people can disagree with this and maybe think that Captain America deserves the Top 1, and if you think that, I don’t judge you, this trilogy is really flawless, every sequel was an upgrade of the previous one and this is what makes the trilogy so remarkable and unique.

2. Spider-Man

I don’t care what people say, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy is peak cinema and every single movie was enjoyable, emotional and fun. Spider-Man: Homecoming is my favorite movie of the trilogy, even with Spider-Man: No Way Home here. This is really peak MCU.

1. Guardians Of The Galaxy

The Guardians trilogy right here is EASILY the best trilogy, every single movie was perfect, the emotional scenes are amazing, the characters are amazing, action scenes are epic, visual effects are amazing and so are the villains. We live in a world where James Gunn may be the best comic book movie director and we just have to accept it…

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