‘Once Upon A Studio’ Review: An Emotional And Nostalgic Experience

Disney has finally released its new short film titled Once Upon A Studio, this is not a random new short, this is the short that celebrates the studio’s 100th anniversary.

In this brand new nine minute live action animated short we will see two new employees who must work overnight at the building Walt Disney Animation Studios and see a very special surprise when all of the Disney animated characters who were in paintings and posters that came from the past and today start to come to life and they all get ready for their very own family photo in front of the building to celebrate 100 years of the studio.

During the process of getting ready for the photo, we see many characters from different movies interacting, such as Donald Duck and Flash, Ariel and Kaa, Mirabel and the cats from Aristocats, Moana and Flounder, Asha singing with Snow White and Mulan and the most impactful one: Mickey and Walt Disney. This short was beautiful, seeing Mickey looking at Walt Disney eyes brings us that satisfying feeling of joy and love, a legacy that could never be beaten.

This short is simply perfect, it reminded me of everything I love about this studio, seeing all those characters again was definitely something that I will be thinking about it for days, I never realized how much I missed most of them, Disney indeed has its fails but those classic characters are just so important for me and for many people around the world and this is the best way to celebrate its 100th anniversary.

The score is magnificent, every time a character shows up we could hear to his theme song or music and it was literally perfect, the characters’ interaction was so beautiful, I’m in love with this short totally, it’s really a celebration.

Once Upon A Studio is a magnificent, magical and emotional tribute to this 100-years legacy of a studio that marked many people’s lives. Don’t forget to check this one out.


Once Upon A Studio releases on Disney+ on October 16

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