‘My Adventures With Superman’ Episode 3-4 Review: Secrets Kept A-Plenty

The mystery of Superman is ever closer to being opened all while Clark attempts to fit in with Lois and Jimmy in these exciting episodes.

This piece was written during the 2023 WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Without the labor of the writers and actors currently on strike, the series being covered here wouldn’t exist.

Who knew that taking a close examination at Superman’s early days would be so captivating? Since the first two episodes, My Adventures With Superman has been a fun and fascinating take on the character. With sweet moments between Clark (Jack Quaid), Lois (Alice Lee), and Jimmy (Ishmel Sahid) and great intensive action, this show manages to maintain an interesting story all while being able to build some captivating emotional dynamics.

Now four episodes in, My Adventures With Superman continues to deliver that story while constructing these somewhat new adaptations from the comics mythos. This episode really puts Superman to the test as it underhandedly inserts a new version of one of his classic rogues. In addition, it also creates more emotional depth to Clark and Lois’ endearing relationship in its heartfelt ways.

Spoiler Warning ahead for My Adventures With Superman episodes 3 and 4.

My Adventures With Superman Episode 3 is a Swell Liftoff

Clark (Jack Quaid) and Lois (Alice Lee) in My Adventures With Superman Episode 3

After the first two-episode action-packed intro into My Adventures With Superman, the show gladly speeds up its pace while also centralizing multiple plotlines. The dangerous tech continues to spread throughout Metropolis despite Livewire’s arrest and transfer. As Lois and Jimmy try to find more clues, Lois desperately hopes to get an impressive interview with Superman.

Episode 3 of My Adventures With Superman is an ample display of characterization. Clark emotionally observes Lois’ risky attempts to get in contact with Superman. When Clark finally steps up to answer her at the end, it feels a bit nerve-wracking. Clark is still in his early days of being Superman and is still trying to understand himself.

From the first two episodes, he only knows parts of his character and he doesn’t want to be any different. Clark keeps this from Lois not just for her own safety, but for his wanting to fit in with the rest of humanity. But when Clark lifts Lois to Metropolis’ skyline, the line between Superman and Clark begins to blur as the love between them is slowly blossoming. This is where the show truly begins to feel special and personally endearing and that continues in episode 4.

Clark’s Tribulations Pick Up in My Adventures With Superman Episode 4

Clark (Jack Quaid) and Ivo Morrow in My Adventures With Superman Episode 4

Clark’s tribulations between being there as Clark and protecting them as Superman continues to be a driving point for the show. Despite Lois’ pleas to Perry White (Darell Brown) to be put on the tech case, Clark, Lois, and Jimmy get sent to cover Dr. Ivo’s company conference. While this may seem like a distraction for the three, it actually is a step forward to uncovering this maze of a case.

Throughout these episodes, Clark has been trying to follow the rules as the simple intern. By trying to be as normal as possible, it allows Clark to fully emphasize his Superman persona to the best of his ability. In doing so, it establishes these individualized challenges that Clark has to face to build his character. Luckily, the show paces this well enough past the first third of the episode.

Enter Dr. Ivo (Jake Green), an egotistical millennial tech CEO who got his hands on some of Livewire’s tech. Deceptively charming, the inspired choice of adapting Ivo this way fits well with the background the show creates with his inevitable ousting. However, once he dons his Parasyte armor (a Voltron-inspired take on Parasite), he proves much to be a formidable foe while also helping forge this Superman.

As a violent fight breaks out between Superman and Ivo, Clark realizes that he can’t go head-on. Ivo’s assisted persistence is a good challenge for such a young Superman to face. Clark’s still learning how to deal with these new situations. Though Lois and Jimmy help him out as Superman, seeing Clark try to adjust to these different threats with their support further shows why this show successfully utilizes these personalized characters to build good character development.

Lois and Clark’s Closer Bond in My Adventures With Superman Episode 4

Clark (Jack Quaid) and Lois (Alice Lee) in My Adventures With Superman Episode 4

However, while the action sequences are a point to proving how My Adventures with Superman efficiently handles character-building, this episode continues to flesh out Clark and Lois’ vibrant relationship.

As the first three episodes established a firm foundation, this episode divulges deeper into exploring their closeness. There’s a sequence in the middle of the episode, opening up with a bit of awkwardness between Clark and Lois as Lois stitches Clark’s blazer. Though they go with unspoken things at first, Lois gets a call from her dad, which opens up a can of held back emotions.

Lois is on bad terms with her dad, who kept secrets from her and didn’t provide much emotional support for her. She relays this to Clark in an outburst, emphasizing her screw-up at the conference. Given everything that’s happened to them, Clark empathetically comforts Lois and thanks her for helping him on the right path. It’s a nice moment for the two and even pushes Clark to reveal himself, but he holds back after Lois places the blame on Superman for throwing her off her game.

This sincere moment in particular is a reminder of how the show perfectly utilizes and times the emotional impact. My Adventures With Superman episode 4 deftly builds on Clark and Lois’ relationship by expanding their pasts and feelings in a way that doesn’t go too cliché. It creates enough material while also tying in previous events from a compassionate standpoint to resonate with you. By the end of it, this moment tops off the heartbreak when Lois perseveres and finally deduces that Clark is Superman.

My Adventures With Superman definitely cements its emotional grounding between Clark and Lois in this episode and continues to do a great job developing Clark’s duality. There’s still a lot to explore with this beautiful dynamic and the trio as a whole. Luckily, the show is heading towards the right path and I can’t wait for you to see what’s next in store.

Episode 3: ★★★½

Episode 4: ★★★★

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