Willow Ep 1-7 Review: An Enchanting Back To The 80s Quest

Wow… it’s been a huge while since I watched something like this show, Im a big fan of fantasy movies from the 80s like The Neverending Story, The Dark Crystal, Beetlejuice and, obviously, Willow, and this is basically the perfect sequel to the movie that presents many great and charismatic characters and a plot that despite being simple, it will entertain you for the time all along. A magical ride full of enjoyable characters, Willow is definitely one of the most enchanting series of the year.

Willow brings us a quest, after Airk (Dempsey Bryk) get kidnapped by the new “Evil”, the kingdom decided to make a team of warriors to go behind him into a epic quest and save not only him, but also the whole world since this evil is even worse than we thought it could be… and yeah… very simple plot isn’t it? But the characters are so enjoyable that they can carry the movie with their personal issues and development.

I need to say what I think about each member of the “group of warriors” going save Airk, and gotta start with Willow (Warwick Davis), he’s so charismatic and he serves here as the leader of the group, someone who knows what he’s doing and that is also afraid from what’s to come, Willow definitely knows how dangerous this can be and he still won’t give up… Dove (Ellie Bamber) is the character I prefer not to talk about otherwise I will be giving you a big spoiler of the beginning of the show, but all I can say is: she is sometimes annoying but has good intentions all the time… Kit (Ruby Cruz) was probably my least favorite character, such an arrogant and undecided character, I understand what she’s passing through, she’s a lesbian princess which feels the pressure on having to marry a king whether liking or not, but the character still annoys me with her arrogant way, different than her love interest Jade (Erin Kellyman) which is one of my favorite characters indeed, such a determined and courageous character, someone that knows how to fight with her past problems and is strong enough to move on even tho it’s hard and definitely a tuff thing to do. BOORMAN!! Played by Amar Chadha-Patel is my favorite character of the series, he’s so goofy and silly but at the same time a experienced warrior that knows how to fight and knows what he’s doing definitely, his character development is so well worked, the way the character begun in the first episode to the last one I saw (Episode 7) it’s something very epic to follow… and now the last one: Graydon (Tony Revolori) which is definitely a well developed character also, he’s someone in love and with huge traumas in the past that he just tries to leave behind but is just harder than it looks…

CGI is very excepcional, but the practical effects are definitely the highlights, the monsters with their makeups is so scary and realistic and that was something very cool to see in screen… the soundtrack is typically from an 80s movie also, is just so nostalgic and magical, very lovely.

The plot sometimes go slow, they work too much in simple problems that can be solved with such simple resolutions but they just want to make it longer and they do it adding non necessary stuff…

Willow is ENCHANTING! A back to the 80s quest with such memorable and remarkable characters and a plot that despite being simple has its unique tons of magic!

Rating: 80%

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