Bones And All Review: Not Tasty

Luca Guadagnino’s newest movie “Bones and All” based on the novel of same name by author Camille DeAngelis, is a romantic drama with hints of horror all packaged into a road trip movie following two cannibalist outsiders driving with no apparent goal.
On the point of romance this movie is horrible, the couple Lee (Timothée Chalamet) and Maren (Taylor Russel) have no chemistry even if Chalamet and Russel gave this movie all that they could, in the end they missed the romance.

The drama of the movie works well with the two main leads where both argue about their view on killing humans for their survival, Taylor Russel seels greatly as the newcomer to this cannibal world her character is really three dimensional and she shines on the dramatic.
Hints of horror are spread all over this film from the scenes where Maren mets Sully (Mark Rylance) and the unesenes of the creepy old stranger and a young lost girl sets in on the first moment the audience sees the character, with this movie setting in the mid 70s all the effects for the cannibals pulling the organs and eating them look to be done practically and it is beautifully done making people in the audience look away.

Following two young adults who really want to do something with their lives and move forward they don’t have a end goal they simply go wherever they want at the moment, this makes the movie have no apparent plot which makes it hard to understand the wants of each character and what the movie wants to tell to the audience.
The movie leaves lots of question for the audience to chew on after it ends, but this is not a movie that is fun to think of after the credits start rolling. You may talk about it after leaving your session but not more than that.

Rating: 56%

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