‘Renfield’ Review: Nicolas Cage Shines In An Gory And Exaggerated Movie

Renfield, directed by Chris McKay (The Lego Batman Movie) and scripted by Ryan Ridley (RIck and Morty), is a horror comedy and dark fantasy film that tells the story of henchman Renfield, starring Nicholas Hoult, who works for Count Dracula, starring Nicolas Cage. Even though he is devoted to his immortal boss, he decides to … Read more

‘Renfield’ Ticket Sale Release Date Revealed

‘Renfield’ is the next Nicolas Cage movie to hit theaters, read the movie’s premise: R.M. Renfield (Nicholas Hoult) decides to leave his centuries-long line of work as a henchman and familiar to Count Dracula (Nicolas Cage) and finds a new lease on life in modern day New Orleans when he falls in love with a … Read more