What Could A ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’ Season 2 Look Like?

Abel Góngora creates a vibrant and surreal world in “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off”. A world that makes you never want to stop watching. So hopefully we don’t have to. What would a season 2 look like though? In season 1 we get introduced to subspace highways, time travel, and all sorts of powers and although all the characters got their closure and new beginnings Góngora paves a clear path for season 2.


After Ramona’s detective journey throughout the season trying to find who kidnapped Scott Pilgrim, the big reveal arrives where we find out Scott himself kidnapped Scott. Well, Future Scott kidnapped Young Scott. Future Scott is separated from Ramona and going through it. He comes up with a plan (He says it was Wallace’s idea) with the help of Kyle and Ken Katayanagi aka the twins, to create a time machine to go back in time and stop Scott from defeating the League of Evil Exes but more importantly, stopping Scott from dating Ramona.

During Scott’s time in his future he is shown a “Virtual Guuy”, a VR headset where Future Scott shows him the events of his timeline; defeating the seven evil exes, marrying Ramona, and the eventual separation. All of this, could set up a nice template for the next season. Granted, it wouldn’t be exactly like what was shown in the “Virtual Guuy” but with the additions of Scott trying not to become Future Scott and Gideon Graves back in control of the League of Evil Exes with the help of his new partner in crime Stacey Pilgrim, I feel like it would be just as fun and entertaining of a ride as season 1. If not more so.

Now although a second season is not confirmed as of yet, with that end credits scene after the finale we know there is more of the story to be told.

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