‘Quiz Lady’ Review: A Delightful, Emotional And Enjoyable Comedy

The same way 2022 was considered the year where we had so many horror movies, 2023 could be recognized as the year with the best comedy movies! Joy Ride, No Hard Feelings, Bottoms, Strays, Barbie, and now, Quiz Lady.

Comedy has been a genre that has massively decreased its audience and popularity, I bet that your favorite Comedy movie is 10 years old or older, it just feels that it’s hard to reach the high levels nowadays. But I’m gonna tell you this: Quiz Lady is beautiful, emotional, and inspiring. Awkwafina and Sandra Oh delivers such an amazing duo with such a deep story that will better than you think it actually is.

The movie follows Anne, a tightly-wound game-show-obsessed woman, must team up with her chaotic sister Jenny to help pay off their mother’s gambling debts. When Anne’s beloved dog is kidnapped, they set off on a cross-country journey to get the money they need; to do so, they must tap into Anne’s skill set by turning her into the game-show champion she was always meant to be.

I know, the story is very simple, and honestly, it is! But since when does that mean this makes it a bad movie? A simple movie can be amazing when well executed. Quiz Lady works in basically everything, despite having a simple plot, it manages to get you involved with the characters and enjoy the story.

And speaking of the characters, they’re amazing. The cast is just perfect, I must confess that in the beginning of the movie I thought Sandra Oh’s performance kind of forced and unfunny, which gave me a bad first impression to for the movie itself, but her character just kept growing and growing and then I just realize how involved I am with them and the movie.

As I mentioned, Awkwafina delivered my favorite character played by her ever. She’s the star, her character is not only well written but also full of traumas, mental health issues, anti socialization issues and I should say there were many times I identified my self with her and I loved the way she played that character.

Will Ferrell, despite not being a major role, was a great addition to the cast, I did not know he was there until I watched the movie and I loved to see him there. The rest of the cast as a whole is magnificent.

The soundtrack is great, most of the jokes work, the character’s chemistry is top-notch, and there are so many great scenes that still couldn’t get out of my head. But of course, as it is for most movies, the movie has some issues, the first act can be tough, it is tough but give it a chance and you’ll love it. The final act is so beautiful, at the end I had tears in my eyes, something I was really not expecting.

Quiz Lady is an inspiring, emotional, surprising and enjoyable comedy that’s definitely one of the best ones we got this year. A cast full of chemistry that delivers great performances, led by Awkwafina, who is without a doubt a star and shines in this feature.


Quiz Lady releases on Hulu on November 3

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