News Recap Of The Week (Week of 10.22.23)

First, I would like to say thanks for reading. Secondly, if you think an update should’ve been on this weeks list or one should be higher/lower on it, please let me know. I won’t change my mind for I am always right but I like to listen to other peoples opinions. Although wrong, they are opinions none the less.

Now onto the show!

Starting us off in the fifth spot is a conversation between Taylor Lautner and Josh Peck on episode 58 of “GOOD GUYS Podcast”. Josh talks about how he auditioned and was a top finalist for the role of Edward in the “Twilight” movie. Now if that isn’t a glorious picture in your head already, let me mention the other part of this story. Taylor Lautner, maybe three minutes after, brings up how he was almost recast after the first “Twilight” movie. His story is pretty crazy so I do highly recommend you go and watch that episode. If you want the timestamp for that conversation specifically, start at the 16:30 mark.

Walk with me for a second though, there may be a timeline where Josh get’s the role of Edward, and after being recast, Taylor loses his job to Drake Bell. I mean there could be. I made this to show you how good that reality could be.

Fourth spot goes to a blogpost from X user @DanielRPK. Spidey will always make my Top 5 no matter what the news is. This news specifically is the fact the film is eyeing to begin production late 2024. Although, I would love this to be sooner, I am hype to hear it’s moving forward more and more.

Taking bronze, in the third spot is an article from Variety. The article references a conversation with “Chucky” series director Don Mancini about a potential face-off between Chucky and M3GAN, where Mancini replied “I would say, stay tuned.” I am surprised I put this in my Top 5 because I am not the biggest fan of Chucky and didn’t even see “M3GAN”. I think I just like the concept of collaboration films like “Alien Vs. Predator”, “Sadako vs. Kayako”, and “Freddy Vs. Jason”.

Silver medalist and runner up is given to a Collider piece where writer Michael Dougherty talks about his script for “Trick R Treat 2” and say’s it’s “really great.” I was a big fan of the first film and considering Michael’s IMDB is filled with fun stories we can only trust he is gonna kill it for this sequel.

The winner of Top 5 this week, first place, rocking gold goes to a Hollywood Handle interview with director Jerry Rothwell. Is this biased because I was the one who did the interview? No, not at all and how dare you assume that. *wink*

Jerry Rothwell talked about a project that’s been on his mind that “takes the science fiction dystopia and tries to explore it in the real world through documentary.” Which, especially with what he did with “The Enfield Poltergeist”, sounds like it would be incredibly interesting. On top of that, Jerry also mentions the project he is working on now being about the Artemis Project at NASA aka the next mission to put humans on the moon. I highly recommend you read about it.

That’s it for this weeks Top 5. Again, thanks for reading and let me know your top film updates this week.

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