Kevin Greutert Talks About ‘Saw X’ And Future Plans (Exclusive)

We spoke to Saw X director Kevin Greutert about his latest film and his plans for the future, check out the full interview below.

THH: What was the biggest challenge during the making of Saw X?

KG: Well, because this was the 10th film in the series, you know, it becomes harder with the film to come up with new things to do, with new traps, new storylines. So, for this one I’d say the biggest challenge was to trying to do new things with John Kramer’s character, to stay true to what he’s all about so I decided to take some risks in terms of the tone of the film and the amount that we exposed him to the audience, it felt like a risk that was worth taking because Tobin Bell is such a great actor and I think trusting him to be able to humanize the character shows them the flaws of John Kramer and is what really payed of in this film.

THH: Whats your favorite trap in the whole series? And Which one was the hardest to film?

KG: The carrousel trap in ‘Saw 6’ has always been my favorite and was also the hardest one to film because there was like 200 different cameras, different angles that I had to shoot. As much as I planned, in order to pull up such a complex scene I still was learning a lot in the course of that movie so it was very hard to do. I also really like the Valentina trap in Saw X, and that’s largely because the actress did such an amazing job convincing the audience that her character really could do something as horrific as she does to save her life.

THH: Have you seen the fans reactions online and how did you reacted to it?

KG: Well, I do follow the fans, pretty closely on the different forms of social media sites. I’m very pleased that they seemed to like it. The Rotten Tomatoes is stellar, it’s so unexpected for a Saw film, there aren’t so many Saw films that get so well reviewed so I’m really thrilled and I’ve had more fans than I can count to tell me how much they loved the movie so it’s very satisfactory on the review level.

THH: Which movie would you consider your favorite from the franchise and why?

KG: We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the first Saw and that amazing ending and that could ever be beat by any other ‘Saw’ film so that one will always be my favorite but frankly I’m so pleased with Saw X, that would be my second favorite for sure.

THH: How does it feel to have Tobin Bell back?

KG: It was great to have Tobin back, he is the center of this story series and he’s a great actor and a great guy. He’s very creative and very collaborative and it was a miracle, I loved working with Tobin.

THH: Saw X made over $30M globally during its opening weekend on a reported $13M budget. Can we expect Saw 11 happening?

KG: You know I think it’s too early to tell, I know that even before this film came out there was a lot of general talk about what Saw XI could be so we’ll just have to see but I think it’s too soon.

THH: Do you have any plans on how you want this franchise to end?

KG: Well, I made this film (Saw X), you know, knowing that it might be the last, so there was some things specially in the end of the film that to me, if this is the last one, is a send off to the character in a really great and final way.

Saw X is NOW playing in theaters worldwide.

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