First Report: Marvel Studios Registers New Production Company

It’s been quiet recently in terms of new film and television announcements from Marvel Studios. With both D23 and San Diego Comic-Con months away, the public has been relying on the trades for things like casting news and production dates. However, Marvel quietly registered a production company last year, hinting that either an existing or new project is beginning pre-production.

Marvel Studios, in July of 2022, registered the same production company in both California and Georgia. From Scratch Productions LLC was registered on July 28th in Georgia and on July 29th in California. We’re able to confirm this is a Marvel production based on the addresses listed and the list of officers tied to it. We were unable to determine whether this company was created for a film, television series, or special presentation. We were also unable to find this production company registered in the United Kingdom, implying that filming will likely stick to the US.


We have a couple of theories as to which project this production company could be for. Marvel loves to insert fun references into the names of these LLC’s to hint at their purpose. From Scratch could, of course, refer to the character of Nicholas Scratch.

Nicholas Scratch is a sorcerer but is more importantly the son of MCU favorite Agatha Harkness. In the comics, Scratch betrays his now-reformed mother and convinces the magic community of New Salem to turn against her. With his mother on trial, the Fantastic Four arrive and convince the residents of New Salem that they’ve been duped by Nicholas. They turn on their leader and banish him to the Dark Realm.

We know that Agatha: Coven of Chaos has the production company of Oakhaven Productions LLC, so what could this project be? This would likely be past Agatha’s show, considering that the project is already well into filming. Could this be a special presentation centred around her son and the residents of Westview? It’s a possibility, if Scratch is introduced in Coven of Chaos.

Another possibility for this production company could be a character that Marvel had introduced in cinema in the past, but was not present in a Marvel Studios film. From Scratch implies restarting something, beginning anew. These could be Marvel Fox characters, such as the X-Men or Deadpool, or possibly the Hulk, whose rights have remained at Universal for years.

We’ll eliminate Deadpool 3 as a possibility, as Production Weekly already outed its production company as Richmond Street Productions LLC. However, both the X-Men and the Hulk are distinct possibilities. If this is for the Hulk, that would be a massive revelation. Not only would a brand-new Hulk project be exciting, but it would mean that Marvel Studios gained back the rights for one of their most iconic characters. An X-Men project would also be incredibly surprising, as it seems that audiences are a long ways away from seeing those characters on the big screen again. However, the animated series X-Men ’97 will release this year, reintroducing audiences to mutants.

It’s still early to tell what this production company is for, but hopefully Marvel will give us more information in the coming months. For now, all we can do is speculate.

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