Westworld Season 4: A Refreshing Return to form for the Dystopian Sci-Fi Epic.

Westworld was one of the most popular shows when it first aired in 2016. The dystopian sci-fi HBO series was a major hit and appreciated by critics and audiences alike. Since then, the show has lost its way and failed to reach the standards set by its first season. Now, the show is back for its fourth season titled ‘The Choice’, with another story to tell.


Season 4 takes a slow and steady start with its initial episodes and it takes its time to get going. It also tries to establish the new characters that we have this season and doesn’t really take off till the third episode. There aren’t major cast changes, but it takes a little time to get adjusted to the new atmosphere that our story is set in, and in some characters’ cases they also have completely changed identities.


Once it takes off, it is pretty consistent with the pacing and establishes main storylines for different characters. The character development is really interesting this season as the setting and the plot for the season are very refreshing, and something very different from what Westworld fans are used to seeing. The subplots are also nicely executed and well immersed with the primary storylines.


One of the major criticisms of the second and third seasons is the lack of thematic depth in the show, which was ironically one of the highlights of the first season. But the thematic depth is definitely felt throughout this season, and it adds to the weight and impact of the narrative. The writing throughout is praiseworthy with compelling storylines and solid dialogues. It is also worth mentioning that like in the previous seasons, there are still plenty of moments this season as well where viewers will be confused and left scratching their heads.


The good part is that the confusion doesn’t last long and the payoff is fulfilling. There are plenty of emotional moments as some of the characters are on quests filled with affection and emotion. There are also plenty of shocking twists and turns which will definitely blow fans’ minds. the show’s ability to execute those twists in a jaw-dropping fashion deserves praise. The other highlights of this season were the lead performances and Ramin Djawadi’s music, which lifts every scene that it resides in.


Westworld season 4 is a refreshing return to form for the dystopian sci-fi epic. It is headlined with brilliant performances, stellar visuals, and compelling writing. This season is highly engaging and entertaining with plenty of unpredictable twists which will blow you very often. It s the best season since season 1 in my opinion. If you are or have been a fan of this show, it is definitely worth your time.

Rating – 82%

Kevin Verma

Kevin Verma

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