Locke & Key Season 3 Review: A Lovely And Nice Ending.

Locke & Key is that kind of series that leaves you on the edge of your seat wanting to find out how to solve such a mystery or problem that the characters are going through at that moment. The first season is charming and introduces us to the keys and all the magic involved in the Locke family, the second season was more of the same but still showed that this series can be even better with those amazing action scenes, already here in the third season we have the conclusion and yes, a little more of the same too, this time we have Gideon, the new main villain who is also the most powerful villain in the series so far that makes the viewer wonder how the characters will be able to kill him and solve all the problems, Gideon is accompanied by two henchmen who are there more like a thorn in the side.

Unlike the other seasons, this one focuses more on what’s happening now, on the present and its events, they don’t go back to the past with flashbacks, of course we do have flashbacks of characters that we’ve never even heard of before but that still gave a the best touch for the series, the Locke family is as perfect as ever, Bode maturing and becoming an even more developed character, Kinsey who is a wonderful character and is about to finish her second film, and Tyler, who went through something very traumatizing in his life and is trying to forget it, but carries that weight on his back.

The series brings very interesting problems this season, but sometimes they solve it very easily but other times they solve it in a more interesting way, it’s a little contradictory but the series still manages to balance itself and maintain the quality it has, the villain is very good, I think that Gideon has much more potential than the script took advantage of him, his ending and fate was a little disappointing if we stop to see his development throughout the season, he is quite powerful that makes us think that Dodge is weak . As already shown in the Trailer, Dodge comes back, but not in the way you’re thinking. Does Tyler have another love interest? Yes, but that’s not very deep in the series and so don’t expect him to go through love conflicts like he did last season. After all I think it was a great way to end the series, everything was ended, new bonds were created and all the characters ended up with a satisfying fate for us, well, maybe not all of them but you’ll have to watch to find out…

Rufus and Ellie, without undoubtedly their best season, it has a greater prominence and Rufus has a huge usefulness here at certain times and certainly a great character. The new keys are quite intriguing and interesting, wanting to highlight the key that brings drawings to life, I think it was definitely my favorite among the new ones. The screenplay works well, the actors are good on their roles. The budget for a series this level is usually small and not that large but the CGI here looks very good and satisfying, don’t be expecting something bad because it isn’t at all.

The soundtrack of this series feels so unique, the theme song is definitely intriguing and combines with what the series shows us. I should highlight the scenarios, they look so magical and it doesn’t make you feel like that’s just a green old background.

Locke & Key ends in a satisfying and beautiful way that reminds us how magical this series is and with characters that make it something even more unique and charming.

Rating: 82%

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